School-Work-Life balance, Is it Possible?

I’m still here, post number two.  I think one of my other blogs made it to two posts, but I couldn’t even guess which one.  After a rough semester this past spring I’m trying to use this summer to figure out how to help organize my life so I don’t get as stressed out.  I chose to take two classes this summer, both ending early so I have at least a month off to recover.  I’m down to two weeks of classes left and I’m actually doing pretty well.

Aside from classes this summer about a month ago we’ve started making some changes at home.  We have a baby and a Toddler, so the increased structure was mostly designed for them.  After even the first day it was like we had completely different kids!  If it works so great with them, how would it work for adults?  I think it’s time to find out.

On a related, yet not really related note, at work we have a wellness challenge to help us get up and move around more.  So as our family schedule evolves I’ve started to build in ways to get up and move around more.   A few simple acts and slight changes to my day could help me lose weight, reduce my stress, improve my overall health and give me more time with my family.  It seems too good to be true, so as the fall semester starts up in the end August and gets into full swing let’s hope it really is as good as it seems to be!

The changes we’ve made start with a nap and bed time routine.  I’d looked into this a while back but I guess I over-looked the importance of structure in a young child’s life.  After all, I’m a career woman not a home maker.  I’ve added things for us to do as a family as well, like picking toys up and vacuuming daily (Sometimes multiple times a day, the Joys of toddlers!).  I’ve gotten more exercise and the house has started to look a lot better, the kids even like to help.

Next week will start the next step, family breakfast!  We had pondered the idea a while back, but let’s face it we like our sleep.  A few weeks back I read an article about what some successful people do before even getting to the office and one of them was to sit down with the family to eat.  It seemed that most people had about 90 min between waking up and getting in the car to start the commute.  I feel its sound advice and will defiantly take it to heart.

Work-Life balance is important regardless of whom you are and what you do, but School-Work-Life balance is even more important for your own sanity.  Step one for me is increased structure and start the day off right.

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