Schools out for the Summer

My summer semester ended last week and as I looked at my grades I couldn’t help but feel sad. I’ve always enjoyed school; at least the ones I feel will help me beyond my education. This past semester I had two of those, Six Sigma and Web 2.0 and the Internet Economy.

My Six Sigma class has opened my eyes to the useful ness of data and charts. I majored in Math for my undergraduate degree and have always enjoyed playing with numbers and seeing what you can learn from them. This class gave me more tools to do so by learning how to apply them correctly to my own work environment. After talking to several other professionals with more experience, I’m still torn on if a Six Sigma certification would be useful to me. It has also opened my eyes to looking at other tools to look into such as lean management.

This was the first semester that Web 2.0 was offered, and I’m glad I took it. It has given me a reason to dig into other tools I haven’t seen yet, and more of a reason to use them. My group chose to set up a donation booth in Second Life for a Charity (Paraguay Hecho a Mano). This blog was also started because of that class. Web 2.0 is important for businesses to use in a various ways but just as important for yourself.

A good class is one that you come out of it learning a lot and gives you the motivation to expand on the class long after “schools out”. Both classes I took this summer defiantly fell into that category. Time to start reading up for next semester and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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