Another Semester Over

I’m excited, but sad, to see the semester end.  I had a lot of fun understanding how to develop and implement strategy.  I even told my husband I wished that Glo-Bus was a game everyone could play on Facebook.  When each year ended I was so excited to take a look and dive into the numbers.  I guess that’s why I’m really starting to look forward to the next semester.  We will have the opportunity to dive a little deeper into the numbers.

As the homework won’t even be posted for another few weeks, it’s time to dive into a few other things.  The past 6-12 months I’ve been looking into what it takes to be a CEO or in general a successful businesswoman.  During break I think it’s time to look deeper into what I can do to organize my personal life to better align with a busy lifestyle of constant learning and busy work/school schedule.  I’m also going to look into setting my professional tone; I just started using twitter more.  Well I’m going to try to at least; I’ve downloaded the app on my phone.

I posted in Jun about starting a family breakfast; it worked great until fall when the time changed.  I really enjoy seeing the family before heading to work, often times it does set the stage for a great day.  Children need a structured day, we’ve made a few adjustments over the past year that has helped, but it’s time to take it to the next step.  I don’t want to be the mom that plans out every second of the day, but I think we could work towards finding a better balance. 

We moved the treadmill about a month ago in hopes that we could start using it more.  We have now decided that it’s time to move it yet again…into our bedroom.  It has been taken over by little children, and if we move it into the bedroom hopefully we’ll be able to set up a schedule and start using it.  With winter knocking on the door neither of us will want to go outside much.  I plan on trying to get outside more than the last few years to take the kids sledding, I even brought home the sled I used when I was little.

My husband and I aren’t exactly the most creative when it comes to finding activities to do with toddlers.  A co-worker recently introduced me to, a site where people can share and categorize different things.  I’ve found a few ideas of things to do with the kids, like make play dough, weave a rug with a hula-hoop, or other crafts.  Our son helped us make play dough, and boy did he have fun! 

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