Childs Tie

My son wanted to do some sewing, so as he is too young I thought he could help me make a tie for him. He picked out the fabric and had a blast watching.

This was a bit tricky, I didn’t print out a template but made my own template based on the basic shape. The first tie was too small, so I made a second one. To make the second one large enough I had to sew two pieces of fabric together. The two ties worked great because the smallest one fit his stuffed Tigger just right.




This project was great, I love making things for my kids and love finding things to make for boys. It seems there are SO many things you can make for little girls. As always every project I learn new things about sewing or the project in general, here is the list of what I’ve learned.

1. Using thin material is best. For the back of the tie I used t-shirt material with added stabilizer, that just seemed a bit too thick.

2. Getting the size right is a challenge, next time I make it I will be adding several inches extra, that way the tie can grow with him as he gets older.

3. Overall once I got the hang of it, the project was pretty easy.

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