Panda Headphone Holder

I’ve been keeping my headphones in a plastic bag that just keeps getting new holes that scotch tape does not seem to hold up. A while back I saw an animal headphone holder so today’s project was to design and sew a Panda headphone holder.

I cut out a draft of what my Panda would look like.


Then I used old t-shirt material that was backed with stabilizer. The first thing I would like state is that sewing small projects with t-shirt material can be a little bit challenging. To help sew the smaller pieces I found that a tweezer would help move it around. The image is a little blurry, but should show this step.


The eyes, nose and tale did not need to be double sided. I first sewed the arms, legs, and ears. Then I sewed the eyes on, the nose, and mouth onto the front piece of the body. Then I sewed the tail and arms on the back piece of the body. I also used some batting to help make the panda a little more stiff. Once I sewed the arms on I sewed on the velcro.

20121118-173701.jpg 20121118-173713.jpg

Here is a close up of the face


Then I sewed the body together.


Here is the final product! It took about 1-2 hours to make and I must say it seems to work well.


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