Kids Gloves/Mittens

It’s that time of year when the Hats, Mittens, Gloves and warm winter jackets get pulled out. It seems every year around this time we end up running out and buying more gloves and mittens than we could ever think of what to do with, only to have lost one of each pair by the end of the winter season. As I reflect back on my own child hood I remember the clips that kept the gloves or mittens secured to the jackets. The only problem with those is anyone with a toddler, preschooler, or early elementary school child will tell you that the gloves and mittens still get lost because the clips end up more like a toy. Then I remember the good old fashion string that would allow both pieces to be attached and strung through a jacket. Well we just went out and bought some new mittens and gloves a few weeks ago, today I strung some of them together. I must admit though, We got one pair done, then by the time I started on the second pair we only had one glove! After searching the house I gave up and found another pair. I swear there really are monsters in the closets, Some monster must have gotten shaved over a glove today (The kids would only watch that move for 1 or 2 months straight! Rawrrrr).

So basically I pulled out some cheap yarn I had laying around the house and pulled out my good old Crochet needles.


For the Knit gloves I just poked the needle through.





The thicker gloves had plastic hooks on them, so I just attached to them instead of poking a hold anywhere. That worked great!


It’s such a simple thing, I wish I had thought of this last winter!! Now all I need to do is try and find a matching pair for my youngest!


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