Bi-Fold Wallet

I am still around. I am still sewing…Well more so I am finally back to sewing. I was just finishing up my last semester of school and one thing led to another. The good news is I am finally back on track with my hobbies!

I was in the middle of working on my next sewing project when my oldest asked if I could make him a wallet. We sat down and looked on Pinterest and he picked out this pattern:

I think the blog did a great job explaining how to do things, so if you decide to give this a try check out the tutorial for step by step instructions. While I love the blog, the design of the wallet is not something I would make again. I should have looked at the measurements to see how big it really is. The wallet does not fit well inside my son’s pockets, but that does not stop him from loving it! I was surprised by the size so I compared it to my husbands bi-fold wallet and it was larger. I think if I made it again I might make a few more modifications to make it a little smaller like rotating the cards inside section 90 degrees.

I decided to give that a try, but knew I had one modification I had to make. He needed a place to put his change. I followed the pattern exactly, except for that one modification.

Here is the fabric we choose. He wanted airplanes, and I had some scrap Mickey fabric that went very well with his airplane choice.


After cutting all the pieces out I decided to start with the coin section first. I found a rectangle scrap that I folded in half then left a hole while sewing to turn it inside out.


After turning it inside out I made sure the hole was tucked in, then I ironed it flat.


Next, I used Velcro to keep the pocket closed. I found another spare piece of the airplane fabric that was used as the back of the coin section. I wanted to make sure that no coin was lost, so I sewed the entire coin section together before sewing on the wallet. I also decided I didn’t need the fabric to be folded over the entire back, just enough to make sure the front part folds over nicely. Note that in the first picture I folded over the sides and bottom to make it the right fit. When I sewed it on the wallet I pinned both pieces down and sewed over it, the airplane fabric is larger because it folds over.



This is what it looks like after I sewed both inside sections on. Also note that I left the coin section to be smaller in width. This was just a guess on my part, the size of it seemed to work out well.


Here is the final product! I love the color, its really cute and my little man just loves it!





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