Coffee Cozy

Graduation was a big deal to me. It was the end to the beginning of the next chapter in my life. I spent 2 1/2 years in class with the same ladies, we developed a bond and grew to appreciate each other’s skills. We also continued to appreciate coffee on our Saturday morning classes, so much that by the end we each took turns bringing in coffee. Lots of coffee. So this project is dedicated to the 2 1/2 years I spent with an amazing group of ladies. It is, in a sense, a re-fashion of my Graduation gown and Dun Brothers coffee burlap bags (Even though most of my class drinks Starbucks, and we had a lot of fun…aka coffee…during our Starbucks Case).


The Start of this project started with my Graduation Gown, Burlap from Dun Brothers, and a template I made from the standard cardboard coffee cozy.


To make the template I took the cardboard coffee cozy apart and traced it onto cardboard. Then I took two pens together to add a seam, and cut out.


Next I removed the stitches from my graduation gown, this way I can get more use out of the fabric and keep the zipper for another project. I took a small part of the gown and used my chalk (after sharpening it with a pencil sharper) to trace my template twice on the section. Then I cut out the sections.


After cutting out the black sections I cut some of the burlap in rectangles, then ironed all four pieces.


*EDIT* I made a few more that have images on them, I found that ironing only the back non-image part worked best followed by pinning in place to ensure the image is n the right place.


Sew the black pieces onto the burlap and cut off the scrap. Make sure that the black pieces have one right side and one inside out. Take a close look at the previous image, because it does make a difference if you want burlap on both sides. After you cut the scrap off sew the two pieces inside out on two long and one short end. Then turn it inside out. I used an unsharpened pencil to help get the corners crisp. You will need to get the iron out one more time and iron it flat. Once you iron the edges flat you will need to turn the edges in on the one side that isn’t sewn like the image below.



*EDIT* Below are some examples of Coffee Cozies that have images from the Dunn Brothers Coffee bags. I’ve got to say I’m pretty excited about how these turned out!


Those of you who don’t like to hand sew won’t like the next step if you have a larger sewing machine. I took the sewn edge and pushed it into the un-sewn edge a little. Before sewing I compared it to a cardboard coffee cozy and even tried it onto a coffee cup to make sure it would fit ok.



Then, when I realized it wouldn’t fit in my sewing machine, I got out a needle and thread. Once I sewed the two pieces together I verified it was strong enough and tried it out on a few coffee cups. See it fits very nicely on a small cup.


And a large cup.


Even the back looks nice!


Not only is this re-cycled from old things, it will hopefully reduce the number of paper coffee cup cozies being used. It also looks pretty awesome on my re-useable coffee mug!



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