Stuffed Monster

As I was trying to think of an idea to make 3 toddlers for a birthday party I went to Pinterest and found inspiration in a Monster Pillow. The pin only had the image, so I decided I would make something similar.


To start with, I cut out the following:

8×8 – 2 pieces for the body

3 1/2 x 2 – 2 pieces – bottom of feet (Pattern fabric)
3 1/2 x 2 – 6 pieces – both sides and top of feet
2 x 2 – 4 pieces – back and front of feet

2 x 6 1/2 – 2 pieces – legs
5 x 6 – 2 pieces – arms

8×3 – 1 piece – Mouth (Pattern Fabric)
Fabric for Teeth, I used the bottom and arm seam on a white t-shirt. Felt might work really well for this.

2 circles for eyes (Pattern Fabric)
2 smaller circles for inside eyes.

Then I started with the feet, I decided to make them a rectangle.


Start with the bottom piece and sew the two sides onto the bottom piece. Then, take one of the back or front pieces and sew it first on one side, then when you are a stitch or two from the corner lift up the foot and twist the back or front piece to line up with the bottom piece. Then do the same thing again with the last side of the foot. Once done, it should start to hold it’s shape a little. Do the same thing to other square piece of the foot.





Next Take the two leg pieces and fold them the hotdog way and sew along the line. Turn it inside out (I used the eraser end of a pencil), and sew along the middle of the leg. This will be the “knee” of the Monster. Fill both ends with stuffing, again the eraser end of the pencil works great for this.



Pin the leg to the foot, make sure it is inside out! The leg should be tucked away inside the foot, with a little of one end sticking out. Make sure when you sew the top on that you leave a hold to turn it inside out.



Next, fold the arm in half the hotdog way and sew three sides,leaving the base of the arm open.


Turn everything inside out and stuff with stuffing, this is a great task for a toddler! Next, make the teeth. I cut the bottom of my white t-shirt off, and measured a little more than 8 inches long. For both pieces of teeth sew zig-zag teeth.


Next make the eyes.


Iron the two long sides of the mouth over, then iron the teeth.


I then ironed the mouth, upper and lower teeth together, and pinned on the bottom of the pillow.


Sew the mouth and teeth onto the back, but make sure you sew once along the edge. Then cut out the teeth, and sew one more time so the teeth don’t fall apart or move around too much.


Now, sew all pieces together. I pushed the stuffing in a much as I can for the legs and arms. I left an opening at the top of the head to turn it inside out. I also found it worked well to keep the foot part of the legs sticking out of the hole at the top.


Turn right side out, stuff, sew up the hole and your done!




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