Pumpkn Halloween Costume

My oldest decided that he wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween, so a pumpkin we made! I started out with an old orange baggy sweatshirt, some green felt, black sparkly stiff fabric, and pipe cleaners. I also printed out a leave (3 different sizes), and a pumpkin face, cut them out and used them as my template.


The first thing I did was take a shirt and lay it on the sweatshirt. I wanted my sweatshirt to be inside out so the logo didn’t show, I SHOULD have traced the opposite side. I made sure that I went longer than the arm, and make the body more rounded like a pumpkin.




Then I sewed the arms, and body, and cut the extra fabric. Make sure to not sew the arm holes and bottom hole. For the hood I sewed up to the top and left it alone. At the end I took out a little triangle that I put leaves in when I sewed it up. I was in a bit of a rush so I didn’t get pictures of that.

The next thing I did was work on getting the mouth of the pumpkin cut out and ready to sew. The sparkly fabric I used was found in the craft section of Hobby Lobby, not fabric, and it was the size of a sheet of paper. I turned it over and traced my pumpkin face on the back.



After I cut the Pumpkin face out I started to work on the green felt for the “hat”. I first took a rectangle, folded in half and sewed it along the long side. I turned it inside out and took two green pipe cleaners and made a small circle on one side, this is the stem. When I sewed the stem onto the top of the hood I put the two pipe cleaners in about half way so the circle end would get sewn inside the base. I sewed a rectangle for the base to reinforce the pipecleaners.

Then I cut out some leaves, folded the green felt in half when I cut them out. I wanted to have the leaves doubled up so they would be thicker. I then sewed the two together by sewing the veins of the leaves. I also did three different sizes for variety. I did one side with one large and one medium, then the other side with one of each.



As seen in the picture above, when I cut the triangle out I then put the leaves in the holes and sewed hem up. I did this to make the hood look better since the neck hole needed to be slightly smaller. After I sewed everything together I took two more pipe cleaners and twisted them around the stem.




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