Sparkle Shoe Fix

My little girl bursts out in tears, because she discovered that her favorite shoes are “broken”. What is a mommy to do other than find a way to make the princesses shoes sparkle again.

What you need:
1) Shoe glue
2) Scissors (If you need to trim anything)
3) Toothpick (To spread the Shoe Glue)
4) Something to cover up the “hole”, I chose Glitter.

Trim the shoes.


Spread some shoe glue, you need to go fast on this, only do one shoe and a small spot at once. Then sprinkle with glitter, I then rolled the shoe over the spilled glitter.


Wait 5-10 minutes, then apply another layer of glue. Let sit per the directions on the shoe glue, I plan on keeping them away from my little one for two days.


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