Balloon Ice Globes

It’s been some time since my last post, I’ve completed several projects! I just need to take some time to type. Todays post is great for those of you who are “enjoying” the cold. It seams much of the US will be freezing now or in the next few days, use the cold temps to create these lovely ice globes.


One of the first things I found on Pinterest was this bog, I finally got around to trying it!

The sinks in our house all have “funny” spouts, so I had to improvise and found a milk jug worked well! If it was just me filling the balloons I had no problems, when I had my oldest help we ended up with a hole in the milk jug.

Fill the milk jug half full, then add food coloring (about 15 drops).

Then fill the jug with water all the way to the top.

Attach the balloon.

Tip it to the side and hold where the balloon is attached, then push down to fill it up.

Once all the balloons are filled up, bring them outside and put them in the snow or somewhere safe.

After several hours I touched one of the balloons. It looked like it popped as I saw the blue water sealing out, but it still held it’s shape. After several days we went out to take the balloons off the ice globes, this is what we had!
This is before taking the balloons off.

This is what they looked like after we took the balloons off. 20140104-180652.jpg20140104-180802.jpg20140104-180818.jpg20140104-180840.jpg20140104-180856.jpg
Enjoy! And stay warm!

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