24 month dress Re-Size

It’s a little girl’s worst nightmare to have a shirt or dress get too short. My 3 year old had a 24 month dress that she didn’t want to give away and asked for me to fix it. I was wondering when the “mom can fix it” was going to start, I only hope they stick to things that are easy to fix. So, let’s get started, below is what I started with.
The first thing I did was take the stitches out on the bottom part that gave me three pieces. I put the dress/shirt on my little one to determine how much longer I needed it. I decided to add about 5 inches. Then I took an old grey t-shirt and cut 6 inches off the bottom, not including the bottom seam. Then I lay the top of the shirt on the t-shirt bottom (inside out) to figure out where to sew. After sewing along the chalk line I cut along it, then squared off the bottom seam. Finally I reinforced the first sewing line.
Now I have four pieces.
Finally, it’s time to sew the pieces together. First, turn the top and middle pieces inside out and sew them together. Do the same to the bottom piece.
I set the dress aside and cut out the word “Love” as that was already on the dress (for the back), then cut out a few stars for the front. I decided not to use the pink ribbon or button, as it looked so awesome without it. 20140523-191252-69172681.jpg20140523-191300-69180728.jpg
Then, when I was ready to sew I used a trick I learned on Pinterest, tape the pieces and move the tape as you sew them on. That way I could place the hearts exactly where I want them before I sew them on.20140523-191543-69343059.jpg
Then I sewed the bottom ruffles on, it’s much harder than I thought. Looks like I need a little practice with tulle.
Here is the before and after! I’m so excited about how cute it turned out!



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