Custom angle template for sewing

As I was working on an octagon quilting project I realized it none of my tools had the correct angle. I also was surprised that there were no examples of how to create one. With my ruler and some painters tape I made my template. You can use this method to create a template for any angle.

Start by using paper to make the angle you need. In my case I made an octagon, then I folded it in half and taped it to the ruler. Take a long piece of painters tape and trim about 1/8 inch making it 1/8 wide by the length you cut. Use the thin line of tape to tape along the angle you need.

Try, try and try again. It took 3-4 tries to get it right. I would use scrap material to test it out. If it wasn’t 100% right I would flip over the ruler and adjust a little based on how off I was. I started with a little until I got a feel for how much of a change it made. See below the adjustments and trials.




I was still a little worried, but when the time came to use the angle it worked great! A few things to keep in mind. Always test on a hard surface, otherwise it may not look like it matches when it might. Also, it’s best to test on an entire circle, not just a border. If you test on just a large border it may also not fit right when laying on the floor. After I added the rest to fill it in, the octagon looked exactly how I wanted it to. Also, if the edges aren’t the same width of the octagon it will look like it’s missing a gap.

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