Paper Mâché Pumpkins

This post was inspired by both rotting pumpkins and this pin about paper mâché pumpkins.

This was a bit of a last minute craft so after work one day I did a quick search for how to make paper mâché. I found three ways to make it and decided to try with glue and water. After going through two glue bottles I tried the flower, water, and salt in a bag trick. I must say, the flour and water worked better. It was also really easy and fun for the kids to mix it in a bag.

We also used what little news paper that we could find, some worked. Enter than others. The glossy paper didn’t work well except for the bottom. The thiner paper also worked the best (we had some thicker news paper in the mix too). When working with the paper I found longer rectangles worked the best with the sides, thin long rectangles worked best for the stems and square or thick rectangles worked best for the bottom. Also, it was not easy tying the string around the balloons to get the pumpkin shape.

Overall the kids had a great time! I also really enjoyed the craft a lot as well. A word of warning, if you are doing this with younger kids they may not finish all aspects. With both of my kids they did almost a full first layer and I finished it up for them. Both kids had a great time and even named the pumpkins Rolly Polly.

Here is what we started with.


The top two are from the first round, the middle was the last, and the bottom are after painting.


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