Confetti Bowls

  This Easter break we tried a few different projects with the kids. This was a fun and messy project, but I don’t plan on trying this again. I saw several different methods of these confetti bowls, I would suggest using a clear glue like Modge Podge. I started out making paper mâché with one part water, one part flower, and salt. Doing layers of confetti was going to take forever as you needed to let it dry in between layers. I wanted a quick project so I started out with some confetti spread on the first layer, then I added some of the holly paper.  I put a layer of paper mâché, and placed a few more layers of the holly paper. Once it looked like a good thickness I sprinkled the confetti on top and let dry.

I made the confetti with a hole punch, it took about two sheets of paper to make one. If I did this another time I would use larger confetti and different shapes. 


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