Tree Skirt

I have never had anything quilted before, and decided it was time to give it a try. After looking at what felt like thousands of different tree skirt ideas I finally found the perfect one. It didn’t have a pattern, but that’s what made it so fun!  The top image is what my inspiration, the bottom is the tree skirt I made.


It has been several months since I completed the tree skirt, so I’m not 100% sure how I made everything. To start with I used paper to cut some examples of the stat, so I had a better idea before I cut the fabric. I started with the green center and sewed all pieces together except the one edge.

I learned an important lesson. I should not have left a center and the opening edge, that made it difficult for the Quilter (she had to sew the edge together before quilting).

After the green center star I cut and sewed on the yellow.  before sewing the yellow to the green I sewed two pieces together at the right edge. Then I sewed that piece to the green. Once all the yellow pieces were sewn on I matched the edge of the yellow tips of the star together, then sewed them together.  Make sure to iron often!


After I finished the core of the star I measured each edge to determine how big to make my squares, then I cut each pieces and put the basic block together.

20140927_210848742_iOS 20140927_233202663_iOS 20140927_233240042_iOS 20140927_233301208_iOS

The next thing is to lay out all pieces, and decide which block will go in each place.

20140928_195337132_iOS 20140928_210729476_iOS

Next, I know that not all side was exactly the same size, so I measured a lot and sewed rectangles to fill in the gaps. Finally I had a gap where the green and ref squares meet the border, I cut varying size triangles to fill the gap.  I did what I could to try and make sure there was a little grin In the center of the triangle.  Finally, I trimmed all sides.

20141005_185424562_iOS20141005_194833251_iOS 1

Now, the last thing to do is get the batting and backing together and send it to the quilters.  I also made binding.  Here are the last unfinished pictures.

20141016_172827368_iOS 20141016_214109576_iOS 20141016_214102708_iOS 20141016_214128074_iOS 20141016_214135592_iOS 20141017_215346260_iOS 20141017_215353055_iOS image 3

And finally after the binding.

image image 4

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