Water Bottle Dog Toy

This summer marks a first for us as we expanded our family. You guessed it, we got a dog!  As we bought the basics I looked at the different toys, specifically stuffed animals as our new pup seems to live them. I thought it was interesting that some had a water bottle in them, so before spending too much on so many toys I decided to try and make one.


This project was very easy-to-sew and took about 5-10 minutes. Find sturdy fabric, scrap batting (optional), and a cleaned out water bottle. Sew the legs and arms, then stuff them. Take two rectangles that are a few inches wider and several taller, sew batting onto them. The batting is optional but will give it a nice full look. Sew the two sides and bottom with the legs stinking inside, leave the top open. Turn it inside out, add the water bottle, fold the fabric down on the top then sew the top together.







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