Notebook cover with Colored Pencils

Back to school is a great time to pick up supplies to make notebook covers that also have a spot for colored pencils. This was yet another just sew project, it was also a bit rushed so I didn’t do a good job making the pattern, if this turns out as well as I expect I’m sure I will have another post that fills in the gaps.


I started by picking up the notebooks and colored pencils. I found some fabric that had two pieces that were about 2 1/2 to 3 times the width of the notebook and at least 2-3 inches taller. Sew the two pieces inside out, just sew the two short ends and set it aside. Then find two pieces that are about as wide and 2-3inches taller than the notebook, and two pieces that are short and wide. The two short and wide pieces should be at least twice the width of the notebook (not 100% sure on how wide it needs to be). Take one off the pieces about the size as the notebook and sew slots for colored pencils. Then take the second piece and sew the other short wide piece on at any angle, its just for decoration.



Once you have the three main pieces ready, iron them very well. Take the first wider piece and wrap it around the notebook, you want to figure out where to iron the flaps that will go on the inside of the front and back covers. Do that twice, once for the front and once for the back ironing very good. Then take the two smaller pieces and iron the two larger sides for the seams, I ironed one side then laid the piece on the notebook to decide how much of a pocket I needed.



Finally, sew the two sides on the two smaller pieces, basically the top and bottom pieces will be the only unfinished looking sides. Then pay attention to what sides need to be upright and sew the three pieces together, not sure how best to describe this part so hopefully the images below help. Once your done, sew the bottom part, keep the pieces inside out. Then use the notebook to figure where to sew the top part, its important to sew straight and use the notebook. Trim the top and bottom. Turn it inside out, I used a chopstick to get each corner crisp  Finally, iron and put the notebook and colored pencils in it.


The below image is what it should look like after sewing the three pieces together.


This is what It should look inside out, sew the top and bottom, then trim.


This is the front cover.


And this is the back cover.


I made two, below is a closed and open view of them.



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