Fun with Plants

This post isn’t so much of a craft, but more of an expansion on the grass pets combined with the “grow something” cub scout activity. When we started I wanted to use clear containers so the kids can see the roots as the plants grow. At the time I had no idea how the plants would grow in the different containers. If you use something like a 2-leter, make sure to drill holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. We still have some time left to let it continue to grow, but I figured now would be a good time to outline what we did. If you aren’t into plants, skip the rest of this.

20150819_212009000_iOSTo start, we planted the seeds, at first we used ice cubes to water but later switched to a measuring cup.


The plants started out great!  About a week after planting we started to see them grow.


We ended up putting stakes in and loosely tied the plants to the stakes with twist ties. Make sure you use ones that won’t mold, later we switched to straws with kabob sticks in the inside for strength.


Once they got big enough we planted them in bigger pots.  we did this outside about 1 1/2 months ago.


As you can see we saw a lot of flowers on the pumpkins, so far all the flowers that opened were the male flowers. We aren’t sure if we will get pumpkins yet. We also planted some carrots in a few of the pots and tried putting a pumpkin plant in a 2-leter, this was because I knew they would really see the roots if I did (as you can see in the second image below).



Below is what it looked like with the straw and kabob sticks, make sure to put them in as you pot so you don’t damage any roots.


This is what it looks like this week, the sunflowers are really starting to look great!




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