Dog Bed

When we got our dog I had a hard time finding a fluffy dog bed that wasn’t too expensive. To start with we bought a thin cheap one with a plan to make a pillow bed to go under it. This past weekend I finally had a few minutes to quickly whip one up.


To start, I measured the length and width of our thin flopped and added an inch.  I cut two rectangles 27 inches x 37 inches, then about 140 inches x 4 inches.  By cutting about 140 inches I gave myself an extra 10 inches, I would rather have extra scrap than come up short.

I used an old pair of jeans and sweatshirt.  For the jeans I cut off all seams then sewed two of the pant legs together, then I sewed other pieces of the jean fabric on to make a big enough rectangle. I did something similar with the sweatshirt. For the long 4 inch strip I cut 4-4 inch strips from the left over jean material and sewed them together.

Once I had my three pieces cut I sewed the top piece onto the long strip.  when I started I left a very small edge, once I made it all the way around I cut the extra fabric then sewed the two pieces together.  Finally when I sewed the bottom to the bug piece I left about 6 inches open.  Turn the dog bed in inside out then fill with stuffing and sew the open end together.

Here are a few additional photos of the finished product.




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