Stuffed Animal Net

If there is one thing my kids have too much of, its stuffed animals.  We recently adopted a dog, and because she loves stuffed animals we had to put all the stuffed animals in storage.  I remembered when I was younger, I used to love my stuffed animal net. I looked online to see if anyone had any good examples, there were a lot!

20150927_223224000_iOS 20150927_223636000_iOS

I wanted to make them out of old clothing the kids grew out of, so I decided making a paper template first.  I taped several pieces together to make a rectangle that was at little larger than 46″ by 32″.  Then I found the center of one of the longer sides and cut from one corner on the opposite side to that center I found. I did that to the other side to make a triangle.

Then look at the clothing/material you have and figure out how you want it to look.  Cut the clothing in rectangles if possible, if you can’t it might be a little more effort to get it to look like you want.  Start with a row on the long side, and remember to make them upside down (not like photos below).  Add a few pieces, sew together, then trim.





Once I had all the pieces together, I spread out an old sheet on the floor and placed the triangle upside down along one of the edges.  Then I cut out a triangle and sewed the pieces together leaving a hole to turn it right side out.  After turning right side out I sewed along the edge, once I got to a corner I sewed some ribbon.


Here are a few additional photos.


20150921_000518435_iOS 20150921_000529954_iOS 20150921_000546919_iOS

20150920_195645282_iOS 20150920_195703323_iOS

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