Costume Base

Every October, kids get excited to dress up as something fun and ask strangers for candy.  Parents love seeing the kids dressed up, and some years take on the challenge of making a costume.  If you look at Pinterest most costumes start with a top and bottom of a solid color.  What if you can’t find a specific color?  After four stores of looking for long sleeve brown, orange, or yellow I came up empty handed this year.  Instead I opted for almost 3 yards of the cheapest brown fabric I could find.

Start by unfolding the fabric, and fold in half so you have a wide piece with two layers.  Lay out a shirt and pants like the first image below, then cut out leaving at least 1-2 inches like the second photo.  I left as much as I could for the arm and leg length. Finally, before moving place as many pins keeping the two pieces together.

20150928_213327986_iOS (2) 20150928_214805934_iOS

Sew around all sides leaving a hole for the head, arms, and legs.  Once you finish sewing, cut a line down the back.  Use your best judgment on how long to cut the slit. Then turn it inside out and try it on to see if any adjustments are needed before moving on.


Sew an edge on the neck, arm, and leg holes.


Next make some binding out of some of the longest scraps, I cut a 2 inch wide strip of fabric.  Find the center of the strip of binding, and pin the center at the bottom of the cut, pin the binding along all the cut fabric.  A zing-zag stitch worked well.


once I finished the binding, I reinforced all edges… this is for a kid after all.  I found it was difficult to sew along the seams from one side to the other, so I stopped half way.  I was hoping to get a pitcher, but I only have two hands (and a lot of kid distraction).

20150929_002056906_iOS 1 (2) 20150929_002127809_iOS 20150929_002200806_iOS (2)

Next post will turn this Costume Base into a Lion!


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