Hand Warmers

The turkey is eaten, the weather is getting cooler, and soon (hopefully) the snow will start falling. This year I made a few hand warmers to give out for Christmas. My sister was asking for some hand warmers that would fit in a pair of mittens. Before diving in too much, I did a little research on the different types of grains/seeds to fill warmers. Because I planed on making small warmers, I wanted something smaller. A few different blogs I looked at did a comparison of things like rice, corn, and flax seed. I decided Flax seed would be good filler, one of the sites quoted that the oils in the flax seed help the warmers last longer as the oils don’t eventually dry out. Some sites even mentioned that the warmers stayed warm for an hour or more when enclosed under blankets or other insulated methods.

After measuring a pair of mittens, I decided I wanted to cut two 3 ½ x 5 rectangles. I would rather cut one piece and fold them over, but depending on what you have for scraps you may end with any variation of cuts: 2 pieces 3 ½ x 5, 1 piece 3 ½ x 10, or 1 piece 7 x 5.

IMPORTANT: This will be going in the microwave, make sure you are using 100% cotton for the material AND thread.

  1. Cut how many you want to make, since they are hand warmers I made two hand warmers for each pair, so you want to end up with 4 pieces 3 ½ x 5
  2. Fold or place the pieces inside out, than sew starting towards the end of one of the small open ends. Leave about an inch opening in the middle of one of the small ends.
  3. Turn the hand warmers right side out. Sew along the two long ends, and the short end that does not have a hole.IMG_3622image
  4. Fill about ½ – ¾ full with Flax Seed (or your choice of filler).
  5. Use Clips or Pins to pin the flax seed as tight to the end as possible, that way you can sew the open end shut without sewing any pieces of grain.image
  6. Sew the open end shut and you’re done!

Warming instructions: Place the hand warmers in a microwave for 45 seconds. If they aren’t warm enough flip over and/or shake than microwave for an additional 30 seconds.

I’ve tested them out a few times (before giving them out) and I was really happy with how well they worked! I really enjoyed the texture the flax seed has; it feels softer than when I’ve used rice in the past.

I plan on trying out some larger ones that can go in the foot of the bed to keep my feet warm. I will also be trying to explore other methods of heating them up that could work when camping. I may even attempt to make a pair of slippers that would have a slot for foot/toe warmers.

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