Large Flax Seed Heating Pad

After really enjoying the warmth of the flax seed hand warmers I knew I had to make foot warmers!  This is another very simple project and a great way to stay warm on cold winter days/nights. 

I folded a half yard in half than cut 12 inches.  Un-folded the cut fabric should be 44-46 inches long (depending on the width of the yard) by 12 inches. The first one I made was 9 inches wide, it works nice and can be on the neck; however I felt a few additional inches would be nice for the feet in bed. 

Fold the fabric in half inside out, it should be 22 or 23 inches by 12 inches. Sew around the fabric leaving an opening in the middle of the short end. Flip right side out and iron.  Sew around the three ends with out the hole.   

Fill with 5 lb of whole flax seed.   

See the open end shut and it’s done!   

 And here is a comparison of the two different sizes.    

 Heating instructions: heat in microwave for 2 1/2 minutes, shake and flip over, heat for another 2 minutes.

I place at the foot of the bed under the covers. I found it stays warm for a few hours under the blankets. 

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