The Grinch Stuffed Animal

Looking back at the pictures on my phone and past blog posts I realize I missed at least one sewing adventure. Enjoy the below post about how to make your own stuffed Animal pattern!

The Grinch

When making a pattern for a stuffed Animal, start by googling images of what you want or draw out what you want your stuffed animal to look like. Once you find the stuffed animal you want print out the actual size you want it to be, it may require printing multiple pages and taping them together.  Next, cut out each different color.  Next trace each new piece onto a new piece of paper, label the piece with the color and part.  Draw around the entire piece with adding the size margin you want; I used two pencils taped together. I added a Santa hat, so I made a cone shape.  Once you completed that process with each piece your pattern is complete!

The Grinch Pattern 3

Cut out two of each piece, one with the fabric right side up and one wrong side up. If you have small sections like fingers, don’t cut each finger, just trace on the fabric and finish cutting after you sew the pieces together.  If you have pieces that could get mixed up, I suggest lying them out with the pattern piece, or place in envelopes if you won’t complete the project that day.

I was making several of the same, so I cut out a lot! Once you have all your pieces cut and are ready to sew, lay out the pieces how they will be sewn on.  Sew the pieces right side together.  If you chose fabric without a pattern that didn’t have a right or wrong side, be very careful to sew the opposite sides for the back.

Once you have both sides of the stuffed animal completed, sew on any details. As you can see, the fingers I attempted to add didn’t work well.  I hand stitched a face and added a thin strip of batting where the fabric was sewn together to add a little extra!  At this point I didn’t add the hat yet, I hand stitched that on at the end.

Sew your pieces together leaving a gap to stuff. Add stuffing and stitch close.

The Grinch Stuffed Animals 1Several Grinch 2


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ALYSON MacDonald
    Jan 11, 2017 @ 19:11:40

    my bff just asked me to make her a grinch next year. Yours turned out great!


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