Ironing Board Station

I have a lot of interesting projects I’m working on; I’ve attempted to make some slippers, I have more chair pockets for my one of my kids classroom, and I’ve finally started back on my t-Shirt quilt. In the short term, I wanted to post about my exciting new ironing board station.

With my increase in sewing projects I’ve not only grown out of the flimsy standard ironing board, but my board also had some lumps on the top making ironing a challenge. Looking on Pinterest I found two basic options, (1) attach a board to the top of my standard ironing board and (2) use a bookshelf or counter and get rid of the old ironing board.  My dad’s hobby is woodworking, so I gave him a call up and put in my order with my dimensions.  The table top is 53 inches by 18 inches and it stands 35 inches tall.  I requested a slot in the back to slide my cutting boards and tools and two shelves.  Here are a few pitchers before I put the top on.

There are a lot of different posts on how to finish a wooden ironing table, I debated using ironing board fabric but in the end decided against it. I decided two layers of 100% cotton batting and one top layer of 100% cotton fabric would be enough.  A few things to keep in mind:

  • If you are making the table or wooden surface, don’t finish the wood. My dad left the top mostly sanded; it was smooth so I wouldn’t get a splinter but a little rough still so the layers would stay in place (my dad’s idea, not mine).
  • Use 100% cotton, other blends could melt.
  • Sturdy wheels are VERY nice! I move my ironing board around a lot to begin with, so the wheels will come in very handy! I keep mine un-locked right now as it doesn’t move too much on it’s own on the carpet, but when we get hardwood flooring I will defiantly keep them locked when in use.

I had a great visit to JoAnn’s, they had an amazing sale! I got 100% cotton batting in the “Baby Size” (45 in x 60 in) already on a great discount.  That size allowed me to get two layers of cotton batting on first.  I set out the first layer over my new Ironing board and trimmed the long side first, than the short side.  I took the second layer and matched it up with the first to trim the last piece to size.  I suggest a little bit of overhang.  Finally, I took 2 yards of my 100% cotton fabric of choice (it was 50% off clearance prices!) and followed a few steps to allow for a draw string to keep it tight.  I thought the sharp corners might bunch up funny so I went for a curved/flat corner.  If I did this again I would cut a triangle off the corner instead of rounding the corner.  I also let too large of gap for the draw string so I had to re-sew about half what I did.  The steps below are what I will follow if I ever need to re-do the top.


  1. Leave about 4-5 inches on each side of the ironing board top.  Place the fabric on the surface it will cover and line one long and one short end up with 4-5 inches.  Fold the opposite long side over the table to the edge, than measure 4-5 inches several places and cut.  I folded both long ends up first.  Repeat on the opposite short end.
  2. Cut a small triangle off each corner
  3. Sew a thin seam to keep the ends from fraying
  4. Sew about 1 inch pocket to feed the draw string through, make sure to leave a hole for the draw string to enter/leave. I used one of the corners for the draw string hole, most of my corners naturally had a hole already due to how I sewed it.
  5. Get a sturdy string to feed through (mine was pretty flimsy, so eventually I will look for a stronger string and re-string it).
  6. Once the string is in, attach to the table.
  7. If it appears sturdy but the middle has a gap use two clips and a string to keep it tight.

And finally, I went through some of my sewing stuff cluttering up the corner of my room and organized it into a few more boxes. As you can see the shelving is already very helpful in organizing some of what I have.  I still have a lot more work to do when it comes to organizing my sewing stuff, but this is a great start!

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