Cloth Basket

I added shelves to my closet a month or two back and I’ve loved how it’s working out!  I just need more baskets, so I decided to finally try my hand at a cloth basket.  I also want to make a cloth basket for my trunk, the elastic net is just not working like it used to (it was for my previous car anyway so it’s OLD).  I wanted to give my closet baskets a try first so I can try them out and see if they would work for the trunk.  While I LOVE these baskets, and they work great for my closet…they just aren’t the basket for the trunk.  I will be making some slight adjustments to get stiff sides, I just need to design it. 

So, to get started, I used the basic basket idea from this blog post:

I measured the size of the baskets I have and mapped out how to make these baskets.  I wanted the base to be 9 1/2 by 13, I also only wanted one piece of fabric folded in half (instead of sewing to pieces together, basically I didn’t want a seam on the bottom of the basket).

Figuring out the math wasn’t too difficult.  For the width I needed 13 + 9 1/2 + 2 seams, when folding it in half you will need to add 1/2 of each of the sides, plus two seams.  The second measurement will need the height of the basket plus 1/2 of the base and two seams, so 8 + 4 3/4 + 1/2 = 13 1/4.  I didn’t want the bottom seam so I doubled the number to get 26 1/2.  You will need to cut three pieces, an outside fabric, inside fabric, and Pellon 809 Bond.

Take the Pellon 809 bond and iron that onto one of the pieces of fabric, I chose the outside fabric.  Then fold in half and sew along the two edges.  After sewing I ironed the bottom edge flat so I would have a crisp line to line up the side seam with.  Then take one of the side seams and line it up against the inside iron line, do that with the other side and you will end up with a diamond.  Finally on each side draw a 9 1/2 inch line, I lined up the 10 inch mark on my ruler against the seam.  After drawing that line on both sides of each piece sew along the line.

Now that you have the base of the basked completed, take the inside fabric and turn it right side out.  Take the two pieces and tuck the inside piece inside the other, so the outside fabric is faceing eachother.  Take clips or pins and clip the pieces together, be sure to line up the seams first and add other clips around.  Sew around the edge leaving a gap, mine ended up larger than normal (about 6 inches?) due to the stiff fabric.  

After sewing, turn right side out.  The blog I used as a tutorial had you ironing the sides, I skipped that part.  I tried, but it just wasn’t working well.  I clipped the open fabric down so that is ready to be sewn around and closed up.

Sew along the outer edge to finish the basket!  That’s it!  It’s a pretty easy basket, and if you wanted to add handles you could easily do so without taking too much more time.  The baskets really did turn out great, I’m sure I will be making a few more for my closet.  

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