The Grinch Stuffed Animal

Looking back at the pictures on my phone and past blog posts I realize I missed at least one sewing adventure. Enjoy the below post about how to make your own stuffed Animal pattern!

The Grinch More

Mason Jar Potholder

The bowl potholder a were such a hit, my sister asked if I could make one that fits a mason jar. I thought a box shape would fit best. 

I wasn’t sure about the size, I measured the diameter of the jar and decided to start with a 5x5x5 cube. After it was finished I decided a little smaller would fit better.

Note: use 100% cotton fabric, batting, and thread so you can use it in the microwave. 

  • Cut 2 – 15×5 fabric
  • Cut 2 – 15×5 batting
  • Cut 4 – 5×5 fabric
  • Cut 4 – 5×5 batting

Updated smaller one:

  • Cut 2 – 15×4 fabric
  • Cut 2 – 15×4 batting
  • Cut 4 – 5×5 fabric
  • Cut 4 – 5×5 batting

Take the 5×5 fabric and place on 5×5 batting. Sew from corner to corner to make an x. Repeat with the remaining 3 pieces.   

Take one of the rectangle fabric and place it on one rectangle batting. Than take two of the 5×5 pieces and pin or clip to the ends. Sew an x in the middle section, unclip/ump in the two sides and see an x in both sides. Do this for the other rectangle pieces. 

   Place one of the 5×5 pieces in the middle and sew along the edge. Repeat on the opposite side and other pieces. 


Fold poopsite sides together, it’s hard to explain so here is my thousand words summed up in the below pitcher.  Repeat with the other piece. Sew on the two outer sides. Fold in the opposite direction and sew the last two sides of the cube together. 


  Take one piece and turn it right side out, than place it inside the other piece.  Sew around the edge leaving an opening to flip right side out. 

 Iron the top of the box and sew around the edge and your done!   


Badger Wall Hanging

I will be the first to admit I don’t know that much about seeing. This wall hanging project, with many small pieces, has defiantly proved that I may want to take a few sewing classes.  

 I have no clue if my method was even close to right, so to avoid steering anyone in the wrong direction I will just give an overview. 

I started by printing out the state of Wisconsin and the Badger. I made them larger and printed it on multiple sheets. I taped the pieces together and verified the two were the size I wanted. This tool a little bit of trial and error. Than I took stabilizer and cut to the size of Wisconsin and three badgers.

Note: Next time, I will use Heat n Bond Lite. 

First I assembled the badger. I cut out one white badger (outline only). Than I placed on the inner non-outline pieces and hand stitched. Finally I placed the outline on the badger and stitched only the inside.

Next I took the badger fabric and quilted the fabric with batting on the inside. I than added the black binding. 

Next I hand stitched the white Wisconsin on, and finally stitched the the badger on top of the Wisconsin. 

I finally added three strips of badger fabric on the back to allow it to be hung up.   Enjoy a few of the pitchers I snapped during the progress.