My Little Pony Costume

My youngest wanted to be a My Little Pony (Pinkie Pie), and by the time I got to her costume there wasn’t a lot of time and I had no inspiration (thus it looks more like a Muppet).My Little Poney Costume More

Lion Costume

For my son’s Halloween Costume he wanted to be a Lion.  I couldn’t find any shirts/pants combo that would work so I started with the costume base found in this post.

To make the costume base look more like a lion I started by wrapping some dark brown yarn around my hand to sew to the feet and arm holes.  After I finished that I cut the ends of the yarn so the loops were gone.

Next I worked on the tale.  I started by taking some brown, yellow, and orange yarn to make a longer puff.  I taped the base of the puff so no strands were in the way.  I took a long rectangle 3 or 4 inches wide and folded it in half.  I sewed from one long end towards the other, before getting too close to the other I put the puff inside with a little of the edge sticking out the short end and finished sewing around.  When I got to the short end I sewed across 2 or 4 times to make sure I sewed the puff in nice and tight.  After the tail is finished, sew it onto the back of the costume.

Lion Costume 04Lion Costume 05 More

Costume Base

Every October, kids get excited to dress up as something fun and ask strangers for candy.  Parents love seeing the kids dressed up, and some years take on the challenge of making a costume.  If you look at Pinterest most costumes start with a top and bottom of a solid color.  What if you can’t find a specific color?  After four stores of looking for long sleeve brown, orange, or yellow I came up empty handed this year.  Instead I opted for almost 3 yards of the cheapest brown fabric I could find. More