My Little Pony Costume

My youngest wanted to be a My Little Pony (Pinkie Pie), and by the time I got to her costume there wasn’t a lot of time and I had no inspiration (thus it looks more like a Muppet).My Little Poney Costume More

Lion Costume

For my son’s Halloween Costume he wanted to be a Lion.  I couldn’t find any shirts/pants combo that would work so I started with the costume base found in this post.

To make the costume base look more like a lion I started by wrapping some dark brown yarn around my hand to sew to the feet and arm holes.  After I finished that I cut the ends of the yarn so the loops were gone.

Next I worked on the tale.  I started by taking some brown, yellow, and orange yarn to make a longer puff.  I taped the base of the puff so no strands were in the way.  I took a long rectangle 3 or 4 inches wide and folded it in half.  I sewed from one long end towards the other, before getting too close to the other I put the puff inside with a little of the edge sticking out the short end and finished sewing around.  When I got to the short end I sewed across 2 or 4 times to make sure I sewed the puff in nice and tight.  After the tail is finished, sew it onto the back of the costume.

Lion Costume 04Lion Costume 05 More