Burlap Canvas

For a camping trip I was looking for some art ideas that are kid friendly and decided rock painting would be fun. The only problem…I’m not interested in painting rocks. I thought painting on burlap might be fun to try, so today I made eight different sizes.

I get my burlap from Dunn Bros Coffee and had a few scraps from the back of the bags. The first step is to iron the burlap then cut to size. I folded the burlap in half, then cut to size. The total rectangle is twice the size I wanted, note the fold line in the top left picture. Then I folded and ironed the two short sides, and again for the two longer sides. Finally I folded the piece in half, with the rough seam inside. I did this so the burlap won’t fray. Finally I sewed along the edge.
Now I have eight burlap canvases to paint with! I plan on using acrylic paint one tip I read about was to add a little water if the paint is too thick, I can’t wait to see how this works.


Octopus – April 19th 2014

I have recently started to “paint”. I thought it would be neat to post pictures of the paintings and a little about what I learned. This is one of my most recent pictures, one of two in my ocean series.

I painted both backgrounds at the same time to make sure the mixed paints matched. I love the multi-color background. I started with painting it all blue, then mixed lighter and darker colors on the canvas. After a few days (or months) of drying I took them out to add the rest. I love the gobs of paint and am still trying to figure it all out.