Pants to Skirt Refashion!

I have struggled to find clothing I like, so when I found the perfect skirt I decided to figure out how to make it a little better and make it myself with a refashion. I have been inspired to take things that don’t fit well and make them into the perfect outfit or piece of clothing. In the process I have had a few (ok, a little more than just a few) failed refashions and have decided that until I can get my dress form I must stick to pants refashions.

After looking at how my favorite skirt is designed (just 8 rectangles, and 8 triangles), I took a few measurements and a trip to Goodwill.

I also want to mention that this is a great example of a project that I started out doing one thing and realized that not only was I doing more work than needed, but that extra work also caused issues. One of the things I like best about sewing is that it’s fun making mistakes…it’s the best way to learn!

The Before and After.




Modified Oversized Sweatshirt

I was super excited to try this one out, my husband had a sweatshirt with the ends fraying and worn out on spots. I found a pin on Pinterest that turned an oversized sweatshirt into a new cute up-scaled sweatshirt with buttons. I tried this same craft two with two different sweatshirts. The first one I tried to take it apart more and adjust the arms so the arms would start where they needed to rather than looking like it is just oversized. That was just too much work, and if you leave off the cuffs the sweatshirt would end up too short. I’ve only completed one of them because the first try is going to have some handmade buttons (That will be a later post). So here it is.

Start by taking off the zipper, bottom, and the arm cuffs. Once you have done that turn it inside out and lay down. What I did next was lay on top of the sweatshirt with half my body, I looked at about where I needed remove material and drew chalk lines, I measured how many inches to remove from the bottom of the arm, then how many inches from the bottom of the armpit seem. Measure the second side and draw a similar line. I wanted extra material on the bottom so I could wrap it around, so from the armpit to the bottom I curved out (As you can see in the below images)

Then sew, keeping in mind that you might want to pin and make sure that the seam in the armpit is lined up. This took a little bit of moving the material around, but it looks so much better if you do this. When you get close to sewing the seam use your fingers to make sure it is lined up and adjust as needed.


And a close up of the arm area.


After you sew turn right side out and try it on, make sure it fits right before you cut. Once it fits, cut.


Now turn it right side out and figure out where to sew your buttons. This is also the time to sew up the front sides (where I took the zipper off) and the arms.


It was a very easy and quick project, it took more time to take remove the stitches for the zipper, bottom and ends of the arm than anything else. I love this for the fall when I can be a little dressy and comfy.