Easter Bunny Bags

Happy Easter!  I didn’t get a chance to have this posted until Easter because I didn’t finish putting the draw string on the bag until last night.

I’m looking for something different to do this year for Easter, so I did my usual and took to Pinterest for inspiration.  I was thinking of getting a big stuffed animal for each kid with a bag (instead of a basket) with the other goodies in it.  With the larger stuffed animal I wanted a smaller bag, but one big enough to hold some candy and other small goodies.

I came across this blog that has an adorable bunny bag!: http://judith-justjude.blogspot.ca/2016/03/bunny-bags-part-2-tutorial.html 

The instructions on the blog are really good, so I ended up “forgetting” to take a few of my normal pics.  I did make one change in how I did one part, so I will go into more detail during that part.

The first change I made was increase the size.  I outlined how big I wanted to cut each piece, and how many pieces.  I made four bags because kids ask questions if the Easter Bunny doesn’t bring THEM stuff too…and aren’t we all kids at heart anyway?  I didn’t have any fabric that screams “EASTER” and I wasn’t about to run out and get some, so I found fabric the kids would like.

After picking out the fabric, cut the pieces to size.  I made my ears in between making the bag part, I like to always have something on the sewing machine, for me it saves thread.  The quick overview is don’t sew the top two inches on both sides, but sew along the edges and bottom.  Then line up the two seams to “flatten” out the bottom, and draw a 2 inch line.  I used clips to keep the bottom in place and drew the line on both ends of each piece.

To take quick side trip to complete the ears!  I used pattern paper and traced (on my iPad screen) the ear.  This was frustrating because it’s a touch screen and kept changing…BUT I only drew half the ear, folded in half and cut it out.  Make sure your front fabric is faceing each other, then draw the ear shape on all ears.  Sew along the line, trim the extras, and turn inside out.  I used a chopstick to get the shape of the tip of the ear crips.  Then I ironed the tip of the ear while I made sure the end was flat along the seams.  I let the Iron sit on it for a few minutes, then I quickly pushed in the open end so I could. Easily sew along it.  Then sew along each end to finish the ears.

This is where it gets slightly different.  I still clip/pin the flaps together (forgot to take this pic).  Make sure to always only sew two pieces of fabric together at all times!  I started at the end of one flap, this would be the back flap that I would iron and sew it closed while I sew it against the bag.  Then the tricky part gets when you sew along the short side you will start to hit the edge of the bag that you’ve already sewn, so you need to flip fabric over to move onto the next flap.  (Top left) Once you get right up to the part already sewn, stop and leave the needle in and lift up th foot.  (Top right) Carefully flip over the top piece.  (Bottom left) as you can tell there is still one more piece, do the same and pull that piece over to the back.  (Bottom right) As you can tell you now only have two pieces.  You need to do that twice on each piece.  When you get to the end, make sure to leave a space to flip the bag right side out.

Turn the bag right side out, this can be challenging if you leave too small of a hole to flip right side out.  I tend to leave about a 2 inch hole and it worked great.

Then, use a chopstick to finish turning the flaps right side out, making the corners nice and crips!  After using the chopstick to get the corners turned out, use the iron to make the seam nice and crisp.

Find the side with the hole you used to flip the bag right side out.  Fold that piece inside to the seam and sew along the edge, that will attach the piece to the side and it will finish the open hole.  Make sure to pin this straight, if you don’t you may end up like me and not have a straight line sewn on the outside.  After you finish sewing the one side, flip it over and fold over the other end.  Then place two ears on top of the end, making sure the end of the ear lines up with the bottom of the piece folded over.  I used clips to keep the ears in place.  Sew along the bottom edge, just like you did with the other side.

Here is what mine look like at this step.  At this point it was almost time for the kids to get home, so I set it aside and finished the last part later.

Run two pieces of string through the top, I ran one string through one side, then two strings through the second side.  I tied the first string closed on the end and ran the second string through the last piece and tied it closed on the opposite side.  

They turned out SO Cute!  

Design a Quilt in Excel

I’m finally (almost) finished with my first quilt.  Before I go into the actual quilt, I felt it might be helpful to go over the process I used to design the quilt.  I looked at several different quilt blocks and after a lot of looking I found one similar to what I wanted to use.  For this specific quilt I wanted to have 6 larger blocks with images on them as the focal point, so something simple to complement the images.

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, reach for (1) graph paper or (2) Excel.  I’m used to using Excel and I knew if I used graph paper I would go through a LOT of paper. The other thing I like about using Excel is I can easily copy and paste to make slight modifications to see how it will affect the overall look of the quilt.  For this overview I’m going to use the Excel method, if you prefer graph paper the same basic concepts should apply.  I’ll make another post later about how I am using Excel to design my T-Shirt quilt. More

Hand Warmers

The turkey is eaten, the weather is getting cooler, and soon (hopefully) the snow will start falling. This year I made a few hand warmers to give out for Christmas. My sister was asking for some hand warmers that would fit in a pair of mittens. Before diving in too much, I did a little research on the different types of grains/seeds to fill warmers. Because I planed on making small warmers, I wanted something smaller. A few different blogs I looked at did a comparison of things like rice, corn, and flax seed. I decided Flax seed would be good filler, one of the sites quoted that the oils in the flax seed help the warmers last longer as the oils don’t eventually dry out. Some sites even mentioned that the warmers stayed warm for an hour or more when enclosed under blankets or other insulated methods.


Tree Skirt

I have never had anything quilted before, and decided it was time to give it a try. After looking at what felt like thousands of different tree skirt ideas I finally found the perfect one. It didn’t have a pattern, but that’s what made it so fun!  The top image is what my inspiration, the bottom is the tree skirt I made.


It has been several months since I completed the tree skirt, so I’m not 100% sure how I made everything. To start with I used paper to cut some examples of the stat, so I had a better idea before I cut the fabric. I started with the green center and sewed all pieces together except the one edge.

I learned an important lesson. I should not have left a center and the opening edge, that made it difficult for the Quilter (she had to sew the edge together before quilting).

After the green center star I cut and sewed on the yellow.  before sewing the yellow to the green I sewed two pieces together at the right edge. Then I sewed that piece to the green. Once all the yellow pieces were sewn on I matched the edge of the yellow tips of the star together, then sewed them together.  Make sure to iron often! More

Jellyfish – April 21st 2014

Part two of my ocean series is a jellyfish. I painted the top and white part when I finished the octopus, and finished it off today.






Adult and Doll Apron

Now that those sub zero temps are over (hopefully!), it’s time to get back to sewing. Todays craft is something my sister asked for, an apron based on a pattern.
I decided to add a little on the top to make it slightly wider. I also added a stripe along both sides at the top.
Here are a few close-ups of my modifications.

After finishing the adult version I decided to give the Doll pattern a try.


Another Semester Over

I’m excited, but sad, to see the semester end.  I had a lot of fun understanding how to develop and implement strategy.  I even told my husband I wished that Glo-Bus was a game everyone could play on Facebook.  When each year ended I was so excited to take a look and dive into the numbers.  I guess that’s why I’m really starting to look forward to the next semester.  We will have the opportunity to dive a little deeper into the numbers.

As the homework won’t even be posted for another few weeks, it’s time to dive into a few other things.  The past 6-12 months I’ve been looking into what it takes to be a CEO or in general a successful businesswoman.  During break I think it’s time to look deeper into what I can do to organize my personal life to better align with a busy lifestyle of constant learning and busy work/school schedule.  I’m also going to look into setting my professional tone; I just started using twitter more.  Well I’m going to try to at least; I’ve downloaded the app on my phone.

I posted in Jun about starting a family breakfast; it worked great until fall when the time changed.  I really enjoy seeing the family before heading to work, often times it does set the stage for a great day.  Children need a structured day, we’ve made a few adjustments over the past year that has helped, but it’s time to take it to the next step.  I don’t want to be the mom that plans out every second of the day, but I think we could work towards finding a better balance. 

We moved the treadmill about a month ago in hopes that we could start using it more.  We have now decided that it’s time to move it yet again…into our bedroom.  It has been taken over by little children, and if we move it into the bedroom hopefully we’ll be able to set up a schedule and start using it.  With winter knocking on the door neither of us will want to go outside much.  I plan on trying to get outside more than the last few years to take the kids sledding, I even brought home the sled I used when I was little.

My husband and I aren’t exactly the most creative when it comes to finding activities to do with toddlers.  A co-worker recently introduced me to pinterest.com, a site where people can share and categorize different things.  I’ve found a few ideas of things to do with the kids, like make play dough, weave a rug with a hula-hoop, or other crafts.  Our son helped us make play dough, and boy did he have fun! 

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