Schools out for the Summer

My summer semester ended last week and as I looked at my grades I couldn’t help but feel sad. I’ve always enjoyed school; at least the ones I feel will help me beyond my education. This past semester I had two of those, Six Sigma and Web 2.0 and the Internet Economy.

My Six Sigma class has opened my eyes to the useful ness of data and charts. I majored in Math for my undergraduate degree and have always enjoyed playing with numbers and seeing what you can learn from them. This class gave me more tools to do so by learning how to apply them correctly to my own work environment. After talking to several other professionals with more experience, I’m still torn on if a Six Sigma certification would be useful to me. It has also opened my eyes to looking at other tools to look into such as lean management.

This was the first semester that Web 2.0 was offered, and I’m glad I took it. It has given me a reason to dig into other tools I haven’t seen yet, and more of a reason to use them. My group chose to set up a donation booth in Second Life for a Charity (Paraguay Hecho a Mano). This blog was also started because of that class. Web 2.0 is important for businesses to use in a various ways but just as important for yourself.

A good class is one that you come out of it learning a lot and gives you the motivation to expand on the class long after “schools out”. Both classes I took this summer defiantly fell into that category. Time to start reading up for next semester and enjoy this beautiful weather!

What’s Your Professional Tone?

During my journey through the MBA program I’m working on making several life changes.  As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve started to make changes to my morning ritual, but that’s just the start of what is to become.  Another place to start is setting a professional tone and really embracing different web 2.0 tools.

Social Networking is a great place to start.  Facebook and Twitter are two of the most common platforms, at least in my social group.  When I joined facebook it was required that you have a university email and designed primarily for college students.  Over the years it’s changed so much and so has the usage.  With the addition of games, groups, companies and apps it’s made it so easy to “spam” the world with information.  People and companies that use these tools correctly can continue to build their credibility, find a job, or stay up to date with what is going on in the world.  If this sparked some interest, stay tuned I’ll be working on a social networking do’s and don’ts of the professional world.

As a student I’m continually looking for new tools to help ease the pain.  One of the things I love about my choice in a College is the value of group work.  Being able to work in a team environment is very important; group work is a great way to allow you to get to know other classmates and to learn from each other.  The biggest downside is finding a time and place to meet.

One tool I tested out this summer was microMobs, a site where it converts an email string and organizes the content.  It separates out images and links and lays the content out in a blog format.  It’s an interesting site and I love the concept, but I’m not sure I’ll ever log back in.  The number one reason I don’t like it is you can’t attach other files, like a power point.  Without that ability it just won’t work for me at this time.

I’ve just started to look for different tools, going forward I plan to take more detailed notes and screen captures.  I think next I’ll check out