Closet Makeover!

My closet was in serious need of a change.  I really needed shelves and less hanging space.  I’ve thought about what I wanted and when I finally figured it out it was demo time!  Before starting I had to take down the lower clothing rack and shelf.  This was the worst part, seriously!  The “fake” screwes were a huge challenge to get out, but eventually that task was completed.  Then I measured and drew lines on the wall with where I wanted the shelves.  I also drew the top and bottom line to make sure when I put the 2×4’s for support they go in the correct place.  

The next spot was to find the studs.  I couldn’t find our stud detector so I took the corner and measured out 16 inches.  I read a magnet can help ensure you have the stud, so I took a megnet and moved it up and down until I found the stud.  I marked on the wall where each stud was and screwed the 2×4’s on the wall.  Finally I screwed each shelf to the 2×4’s with at least two longer screws.

This gives me a lot more space to work with!  I use the top shelf to store my purses, the bottom has some drawers I was already using, and the bottom shelf is for pants, shorts, pj’s etc.  I’m thinking of making some cloth baskets to make it look a bit neater.  The floor just has some junk and my shoes, but now that I have the space I can start to get it organized!