Small Messenger Bag

As I look through my images I found one of my favorite projects, a small messenger bag I made for my daughter and a few others.


The bag itself was pretty easy, you can find a million different templates out there. I decided to do a basic format with two rectangles inside out. I sewed two long sides and one short side. I then turned it inside out. The short side that wasn’t sewn yet I folded both sides and and ironed it and set it aside. For the front side of the bag I cut two rectangles slightly smaller than half of one of the rectangles.

The flowers on the bags are the highlight of this project. To start with, I cut out several different petals out of two different fabrics, one of my other fabrics had circles, so I cut a circle out for each flower as the center. I then placed the flower upside down on a towel where I plan on ironing it. Then I took a piece of the fusible fabric and placed it on top of the upside down flower. The fusible fabric will then fuse itself to the towel if you don’t trim it. The key is just to have all the pieces together so it’s easy to sew, it does not need to be perfect.

Then I took the front of the messenger bag, only the top part, so you didn’t see the sewing. I very slowly stitched around the flower, I would do one or two stitches, then adjust the fabric. Once the flower was done I put the two pieces inside out and stitched around all but the top part. I turned that piece right side out and ironed flat. Then I took the big rectangle from before and I put the small piece into the end that hasn’t been sewn yet. Then I stitch that end closed. Once I was done with that I folded the rectangle in half so the bag would be inside out. Then I sewed along both ends and finished it off by hand stitching the handles.


After I was done, I decided that I wanted a little more, so I decided to try out one of the 3-D flowers I found on Pinterest. Once I made the flowers I hand stitched them onto the final product into the center of the flower I already had sewn onto the bag. I was sure to sew through the first piece of fabric and tried to be very careful not to sew though both pieces.

Here is a close up of the flowers:



The two bags with flowers:



I really like Pandas, so I made with with pandas instead of the flowers. It was from an old sock that had a hole in it. I was hoping some day I could find a use for it!