Quick Toddlers Purse

Most of our old kids clothing gets passed down, but every now and then some of the clothing gets a little too worn out. If the material is still in decent shape a new sewing project is born! A pair of overalls with snaps that no longer stayed snapped is just asking to become a quick purse as a last minute Christmas gift. One thing to note, as I sewed this project I did not use the basic stitch, I chose to use a box looking stitch to help reinforce all seams, ends, etc.


First step is to take it apart. The overall part I use a stitch remover for, the rest I just cut. On the outer seams of the front I used a stitch remover to help reduce the layers of jean material I end up sewing through.


Notice that the back has nothing on it, so I decided to take the design from the top and sew it to what will be the back of the purse.


Next, sew the two overall pieces together.


Then I sewed the front and back of the purse together. Once I was done I trimmed any extra fabric, and turned right side out.


I really liked the button holes, so in order to keep that as part of the purse I decided to sew the pink bow with the button holes as the top of the purse. Before going too far, I laid out how I wanted it to look and pined the strap and top pink bow section to the front. Be careful not to pin to the back of the purse.


I started by sewing the strap to the front of the purse. I adjusted my sewing machine and made sure I was only sewing on the front. I sewed the two sides and bottom on both ends of the strap because I thought it would help ensure that it would be sturdy.


Once that was done, I sewed the top pink bow section. I decided to sew a rectangle around the bow. Then because the back didn’t have anything on the top I folded over and reinforced the top seam. I did not do anything to keep the purse closed, depending on how it ends up getting used I might sew on a piece or two of velcro. Here is the finished product!



This is my first attempt at taking a piece of clothing (and thick jean material!), it’s nothing too special but I think it turned out great!4